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Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Skinny

Summer is well underway and while you may think that the summer sun melts off the pounds, think again! In fact, people often use this as an excuse to eat MORE!! Really, though, your body is just dehydrated and tricks your mind into thinking it needs food. That is why it is so important to stay hydrated, especially in the heat. Instead of looking for quenching sugary fruits, or even worse, icecream, have a calorrie-free beverage, or better yet, plain old water! This will rehydrate your body and make loosing weight easier!

Also, learn the tricks of the trade. BBQs are a happening event full of the 3F's: family, freinds, and lots of food. Before the main meal, have a salad. This will fill you up and prevent over-eating. Opt for the hamburger with half a bun rather than the hotdog.  Instead of oily, crispy french fries, put a side of veggies on your plate..The more colors, the healthier it is! And when dessert comes around, only take 1 slice of watermelon; although a fruit, it has sugar just like icecream!

Put your knowledge to use to make this summer the healthiest one yet!! 

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